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 ****Our philosophy's are simple -To enhance your child´s individuality, promote independence and develop their confidence and self belief to know that if they try they can succeed****To provide a safe a happy place where children can Learn, Grow and more importantly have fun!!!*****

 My name is Gayle and I run GLH Childminding Services. I have been a Registered Childminder since 2005 and thoroughly enjoy every aspect of my job. 

GLH Childminding Services© provides a small-scale family orientated setting. We are different from a childcare centre or nursery as we are limited to the number of children we can care for at any one given time. By staying small we are able to provide Quality Care, Flexibility, Continuity of Care and a Nurturing environment that your child deserves. 

Catering for children from 6 weeks - 13 years

**Experienced with Newborns, Twins, Special Educational Needs, Dietary Needs, Allergies and Diabetes**


 Registration Details:

  • All Childminder’s must register with Ofsted the regulatory body for the inspection of childcare provisions before they can care for any children. There are two registers dependent on the age of children cared for by the childminder, the early years register for children 0-5 years of age and the childcare register for children 5-8 years, as a provider of care for children aged from birth to 18 years of age. I am required to register on both parts. As part of the criteria for registration childminder’s must provide parents/carers with certain information relating to the care of their child, this includes the type of activities provided, information about the registration process and safeguarding and complaints information. The following sections will cover all this information but if you require a more in depth explanation of the Childcare register please inform me and I will provide a copy for you.

    You can find information about my registration with Ofsted here.

    Ofsted | Dishman, Gayle

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Email:            glhchildmindingservices@gmail.com



All children in this age range must have activities provided that cover the seven areas of learning and development in the EYFS-a more in depth explanation of the EYFS can be found here... https://www.foundationyears.org.uk/files/2014/08/EYFS_Parents_Guide-amended.pdf

Activities provided can be either Adult or Child led and include music, storytime, physical play indoors and outdoors (ball throwing, balancing, running, jumping, attending indoor play areas etc.), construction, playdoh, mark making, role play, Craft- including painting, gluing etc., Jigsaws, small world play (trains, figures, animals, cars etc.), messy play (shaving foam, pasta, cereal etc.), sorting, threading and lacing, ITC age appropriate games and programmes and outside activities (water play, sand, pavement chalks, trips to local parks etc.) and free play, where children can freely self-select any  from labelled boxes or from open shelves

SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN - As these children are in school during the day they have free play after school where they may read, play board games, craft activities or simply chill and relax, during school holidays age appropriate activities are provided for all children to access.

There aren’t any learning and development requirements in the Childcare Register, but I will need to talk to you and your child’s teacher at school (if your child is aged under 5 and still within the EYFS) about how I can complement their learning while they are in my care.


In order to register with Ofsted to provide childcare all childminder’s must follow certain criteria, this includes

1- A minimum Level 2 qualification for voluntary register- I hold a Level 3 in Childcare and Development so meet this criteria.

2- An enhanced CRB/DBS-This is a safeguarding requirement and ensures all adults living or working on the premises are suitable to be with children, all adults living in and working with children in my house have this, so also meet these criteria.

3- Paediatric First Aid- which is renewed every three years in line with current legislation

4- Safeguarding training- I renew my safeguarding training every three years in accordance with Ofsted requirements

2- My assistant also meets all the criteria required to work alongside me – Paediatric First Aid, Ofsted Registered, DBS, Safeguarding Training and Level 3 Qualified.

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