A good balanced diet is vital for children to develop healthily along with fresh air and regular exercise....

All meals will consist of a nutritious lunch and snacks. I believe in keeping sugar and salt content in food to a minimum, and use fresh food as often as possible. Children are taught the benefits of healthy eating.

Children are encourage to choose healthy options and to experiment by trying new foods from other cultures. Older children are encourage to help in the preparation of food and meals.

Breakfast: (only for those arriving before 730) (chargeable)

                                                                     Cereal, Fruit, Yoghurt


        Eggs - boiled, poached or scrambled



Toasted Muffins, Bagels, Crumpets, Toast

Selection of chopped raw veg, cheese, eggs



Cheese & Crackers


Cold Lunch consisting of sandwiches, wraps or crackers (Warner months)

Hot lunch (colder months) 

Selection of fruit and raw veg

Evening Meal: 

Currently not available 


                                                                  Water is available at all times

                                         Milk (I can claim 1/3 pint milk per child for under 5‘s)

Milk Shake

(Breakfast, Lunches and Snacks vary from day to day)


Children are never forced to finish what is on his/her plate, but are encouraged each child to try one or two bites of everything. Sometimes they are surprised by what they like! If a child refuses to eat their meal, there will be no food served until the next designated meal/snack time. 

All eating patterns will be communicated to the parents. 
Parents are able to supply a healthy packed lunch if that is more suitable

Vegetarian meals can be made by using beans, lentils, soya mince, tofu or quorn in place of meats. 

Vegan menus would need to be provided by the parent/guardian. 

***** Food Allergies, Cultural/Religious Requirements are all Catered for*****

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