Mobile Phone & Camera Policy

I understand that if I store personal details about other people on my computer or any digital format (including mobile phones and digital cameras), I will register with Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for Data Protection. (I am registered with the ICO)

Mobile Phones:

As a registered Childminder I recognise that it is important for me to be able to communicate with parents instantly. I use my mobile when I am at home or out. Mobile phone technology has developed significantly to include internet access and
wireless connections as well as camera, video and sound recording and sending and receiving messages. They are now an extremely effective method of communication, which can only be an advantage regarding Safeguarding children. However, I
understand that there is a need to balance the advantages with the potential for misuse, and intend to protect the children in my care with the following procedures:

• Ensuring that ALL visitors to my home during Childminding hours are asked to
leave their mobile phone in a safe storage area
• Ensuring that any Assistant working with me will leave their personal phone in a
safe storage area
• Ensuring my phone is kept out of the reach of children
• Permitting children from the age of 11 years (agreed with parents) to have their
phone about their person. However, it must not be used to take photos or access the

Taking of photos with a Mobile Phone or Camera:

The use of photos to support observation, assessment and planning and to provide a pictorial record for parents has become part of my practice. To ensure that everyone in my setting is protected I have the following procedures in place:
Pictures are taken only with the use of the ipad by me or my assistant with the written permission of parents. Photos once taken are stored in a folder until printed and then deleted. Parents indicate if they are willing for photos of their children to be
used for: sharing with them; supporting Observation, Assessment ; Planning; children’s records. I will avoid putting myself into any compromising situation which could be misinterpreted and lead to possible allegations. 

Pictures are deleted once printed or sent via whats app, lifecake or text